Unique advantages of Kinki Amibari

Each bamboo knitting needle made by our company is diligently handmade from 100% specially selected hard and flexible moso and Japanese timber bamboo from Japan for a good quality product.

The bamboo that makes these needles varies by production area, species, and season, meaning that there are never two identical materials for manufacture, in turn making it a necessity to use the highest manufacturing skill to create a uniform product. It will soon be 100 years since the company was first established in 1916, and the expertise gained and techniques developed over all this time that they have been manufacturing bamboo knitting needles has been used to continuously help them make better quality products that are easier to use. Kinki Amibari’s special techniques have been used to create the asymmetrical circular needles and smooth swivel parts.

The advantage to our company’s product line-up is that it features a wide range of product size and length variations.

The reason for this rich range of products is because we have been developing products in line with our customer’s demands.

The flexible manufacturing technique designed by our company’s experts can cater for very large orders or the specific requests of individual customers.

Our company also takes pride in it’s product inspection system and has products thoroughly inspected by experts.
We strongly recommend our knitting needles and have confidence that the quality and usability of our them is hard to tire of, and they can be comfortably used over many years by everyone from beginners to professionals.