【New Products】
Shirotake Single Pointed Needles Set

【ID: 59544】 from February 2022

This is the first Single Pointed Needles Set introduced by Seeknit.
The needles are made of high quality knitting needles in the sizes most commonly used by our customers and are packaged in a handy fabric case.

Single Pointed Needles Set with Dragonfly Red Fabric Case

Background of Product Development:

As you already know, we have been producing and supplying various kinds of knitting needles to the market. We have developed and offered various kinds of sets, such as interchangeable circular needle sets, double pointed knitting needle sets, and crochet hook sets, but we have not offered single pointed needles set for a long time. Very fortunately, we do produce single pointed needles, and we also have fabric cases, so we have decided to create a new set with Single Pointed Needles.

Shirotake” is a bamboo knitting needle that allows you to enjoy the natural texture of bamboo. “Shirotake” is a bamboo knitting needle with softer and you can enjoy the natural bounce of bamboo. The carefully polished surface and needle tips are smooth and provide for knitting comfortability.

The shiny and smooth surface of the knitting needles are illustrate the highest quality that we are proud to offer.

Single Pointed Needles Set with Cherry Blossom Blue Fabric Case

Single Pointed Needles Set with Cherry Blossom Pink Fabric Case

Single Pointed needles Set Image