Crochet Ornament Kit
with Mini Stocking and Mini Charm
ID 58560

These are Mini Ornament Kits that you make to brighten the interior of a room:

Seeknit Ornament Kits does not use any Plastic Materials which is ECO friendly products.

Ornaments for Swag and Wreath, A present to enhance other decorations.
Let’s enjoy ornament decorations with Seeknit original Ornament Kits.

Knitting Mini Stocking

Product ID Product Name Size Length Note
02451 Shirotake Crochet Hook 2.5mm/US 1.5 15cm (6″) 1 piece
Mini Stocking Blocker Brown with chain
Knitting Pattern for Crochet Hook       (Mini Stocking) in English

Knitting Mini Charm

Product ID Product Name Size Length Note
56088 Single Pointed Needles 2mm/US0 4.5cm(1.8″) Set of 2
Mini Rubber Band 1 piece
Instruction (Mini Charm) in English


Product ID Product name Size Length Note
OPAL Mini Ball Yarn 10g

Packing Materials, Case, Cushion, Bundling Items & Lables

Product ID Product Name Size Length Note
&Seeknit Case White
Paper Cushion White
Leaflet in English
Kits Label For Double Pointed Needles
Paper Bag For transport