Knit Ornament Kit
with Mini Stocking and Mini Charm
ID 58559

These are Mini Ornament Kits that you make to brighten the interior of a room:

Seeknit Ornament Kits does not use any Plastic Materials which is ECO friendly products.


Ornaments for Swag and Wreath, A present to enhance other decorations.
Let’s enjoy ornament decorations with Seeknit original Ornament Kits.

Knitting Mini Stocking

Product ID Product Name Size Length Note
06239 Shirotake Double Pointed Needles 2.5mm/US 1.5 15cm (6″) Set of 5
 – Mini Stocking Blocker  –  Brown with chain
 – Knitting Pattern for Double Pointed Needles        (Mini Stocking)  –  in English

Knitting Mini Charm

Product ID Product Name Size Length Note
56088 Single Pointed Needles 2mm/US0 4.5cm(1.8″) Set of 2
 –  Mini Rubber Band  –  –  1 piece
 –  Instruction (Mini Charm)  –  –  in English


Product ID Product name Size Length Note
OPAL Mini Ball Yarn 10g

Packing Materials, Case, Cushion, Bundling Items & Lables

Product ID Product Name Size Length Note
&Seeknit Case White
 –  Paper Cushion  White
 –  Leaflet  in English
 –  Kits Label  For Double Pointed Needles
 –  Paper Bag  For transport