Circular Needles
80cm (32″)

Circular Needles

“Koshitsu” is a product that has achieved a smoother surface and longer lasting durability through “high temperature, high pressure treatment” and “impregnation of natural plant wax” developed by our company based on our vast experience over 100 years of history. It is characterized by the apparent density of the needles, the glossy surface, and the slippery feel. And above all, it is our original lineup that no other company offers.


Product Size US Size Product ID
2.00mm (US0) 06762
2.25mm (US1) 06763
2.50mm US1.5 06764
2.75mm (US2) 06765
3.00mm (US2.5) 06766
3.25mm (US3) 06767
3.50mm (US4) 06768
3.75mm (US5) 06769
4.00mm (US6) 57365
4.50mm (US7) 06772
5.00mm (US8) 06773
5.50mm (US9) 06774
6.00mm (US10) 06775
6.50mm (US10.5) 06776
7.00mm (US10.75) 06777
8.00mm (US11) 06778
9.00mm (US13) 06779
10.00mm (US15) 06780