Interchangeable Circular
Premium Set
11 sizes ID 58731

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After going through Kinki Amibari’s unique high temperature and
pressure treatment,Koshitsu needles are carefully polished with natural plant wax.
This special treatment gives the bamboo extra durability and helps prevent damage
from outside environmental influences.
Moreover, it has an effect of preventing the needles from warping.
The surface treatment makes a comfortable and smooth movement of threads and warm touch.
This is our one of the very Unique Design for knitting world Customers.

11 IC Needles Pair Tips

Product Size US Size Product ID Screw size
2.50mm US1.5 58780 M1.8
2.75mm US2 58781 M1.8
3.00mm US2.5 58782 M1.8
3.25mm US3 58783 M1.8
3.50mm US4 58784 M2
3.75mm US5 58785 M2
4.00mm US86 58786 M2
4.50mm US7 58787 M2
5.00mm US8 58788 M2
5.50mm US9 58789 M4
6.00mm US10 58790 m4

9 cords

Cord Length Product ID Screw size
35cm(14″) 57174 M1.8
55cm(22″) 57175 M1.8
75cm(29.5″) 57176 M1.8
35cm(14″) 06502 M2
55cm(22″) 06503 M2
75cm(29.5″) 06504 M2
35cm(14″) 06151 M4
55cm(22″) 57180 M4
75cm(29.5″) 06148 M4

3 Pair Stoppers

M1.8 07020
M2 05862
M4 05863

Fabric Case Type & Set ID

Fabric Case Set ID Number
Seeknit Case 58731