Memoric Markers

Product Name Quantity Product ID Picture

Memoric Stitch Markers

Set of 20 02881  

Memoric Split Markers

Set of 20 02879  

Memoric Markers Set

Split Markers L x5 / M x5 / S x5
Stitch Markers L x5 / M x5 / S x5
Set of total 30

Memoric Lock Markers,

Black/ White

Black  Thick x5, Thin x5
White Thick x5, Thin x5
Set of total 20
06219  5-4-1 MEMORICMarkers06219

Memoric Lock Markers,

Yellow/ Blue

Yellow and Blue,
Large and Small
each x5
Set of total 20
06220  5-5-1 MEMORICMarkers06220