M Set 12.5cm(5″) 4 Sizes ID: 58155

Interchangeable Circular Needle Sets未分類

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4 Interchangeable Circular Needles Pair Tips

Product size US Size Product ID Screw size
3.50mm US4 06344 M2
4.00mm US6 56774 M2
4.50mm US7 06348 M2
5.00mm US8 06349 M2

3 Cords

Length Product ID Screw size
35cm/14″ 06502 M2
55cm/22″ 06303 M2
75cm/28.5″ 06504 M2

1 Pair-Stoppers

Screw size Product ID
M2 05862

Case Type & Set ID

Case Type Set ID Number
Craft Paper 558155

Environmentally Friendly Paper Packaging