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About Kinki Ambari

We are a leading knitting needle company that has been in business for over 100 years. In 2016, Kinki Amibari celebrated our 100th anniversary. Traditionally these cities in Japan, Takayama, Ikoma-city – Nara prefecture, are very famous for bamboo Tea Whisks and Tea implements. These cities are where the Japanese bamboo products industry prospers. Kinki Amibari produces not only bamboo knitting needles and accessories but also handicrafts article. We are continuing to promote a global knitting culture.

Message from the president

Knitting makes sense for fashionable

We continue to follow our companies promise to always produce knitting needles of the very best quality. To celebrate our 100th anniversary, we launched a new brand of knitting needle, in 2016, called “Seeknit”, to help you seek and explore your own world of knitting. Through our products and various activities, we bring knitting closer to you. Kinki Amibari continues to contribute to and promote the ongoing culture of knitting.

President: Kyoko Oyama

Corporate philosophy

Contribute to the world’s knitting culture while helping enrich people’s minds

Promoting knitting while using green products which are very friendly to our global environment

  • Contribute to a prosperous society through our products and various activities by making use of renewable Japanese bamboo and woods. Kinki Amibari will continue to promote the ongoing culture of knitting in the world.
  • Operate with suitable products which will not burden the earth environment.。
  • We utilize renewable and recyclable resources which is friendly to our environment.
  • We design attractive products with particular care taken during their production.
  • Traditional engineering and accumulated expertise and trademark skills are passed down from craftsman to craftsman. We continue to investigate and implement suitable new technology, while still ensuring that we are supplying a high quality product.
  • We care for our customer relationships and will work with you to improve our mutual business success.


1916Mr.Unokichi Oyama started to produce “Shinshibari” made of Bamboo
1919Mr.Unokichi Oyama started to produce bamboo knitting needles
1954/05Establishment of Kinki Amibari Industry Co. Ltd. in Higashiku Osaka
1954/12Built new Factory and Sales office at Kitayamatomura, Takayama, Ikoma-gun, Nara
1964/05Company name was changed to Kinki Amibari Mfg. Co. Ltd.
1970/06Mr. Tatsuzo Oyama is inaugurated as president
1980/032nd floor of building is completed to expand the office area
1983/05Head office moved to 4368 Takayama, Ikoma-city (current address)
1983/05Started overseas business and marketing
1987/02Started OEM(ODM) business
1987/02Opened Showroom at our factory
2002/05Completed for production factory 3rd floor
2002/05Mrs. Kyoko Oyama is inaugurated as president
2003/04Started Internet Sales online shop for Japanese market
2005/03Started own KA brand
2006/03Mr. Takashi Oyama is inaugurated as managing director
2010/01First Production of Asymmetric Circular Needles
2010/04Started import of Yarns from Germany and selling for Japanese market
2012/09Started event business at large department stores in Japan
2014/12Installed Solar Power Generation for our operation(80% power consumption is covered by solar)
2014/12First visit from Bunka Fashion College from Tokyo (occurs every year now)
2015/10Started direct sales at our showroom and knitting workshop held on a regular basis
2015/10Introduced the “Seeknit” brand at celebrated 100th anniversary in Japan
2016/8Renewal of “KA” Kinki Amibari brand logo at celebrated 100th annivarsary in Japan
2016/8Started sales with “Seeknit” brand in worldwide markets
2017/1Started Seeknit and KA Online shop on ETSY marketplace
2018/01Awarded Silver Prize Health Challenge from Association of national health insurance Nara Branch
2018/01Awarded for leading overseas operation company from Nara Prefecture (5 Companies)
2018/02Exhibited Tokyo Gift Show
2018/03Exhibited Handicraft and Hobby supplies Messe in Cologne Germany, first exhibition
2018/04Introduced in the Book “Develop strong company in local”
2018/08Introduced in the monthly magazine of August “ Narara Yamatoji”
2018/08Mr. Masashi Komurasaki mayor of Ikoma City has visited KA
2018/10Exhibited “En Octobrea Paris, Nara-ci Par-La” and held workshop at Japonismes 2018 in France
2018/1112 people from Korean Chungnam Economical Agency has visited KA which has more than 100 years history
2018/12Awarded Silver prize for Health Challenge from Association of national health insurance Nara Branch
2019/02Exhibited Tokyo Gift Show
2019/03Exhibited Handicraft and Hobby supplies Messe in Cologne Germany, 2nd exhibition
2020/3Presented Seeknit Web Exhibition instead of h+h Messe
2020/3Passed the Project Screening for the “JAPAN BRAND” development support project, supported by the Small and Medium Enterprise Agency of Japan

Company Profile

Company NameKinki Amibari Co. Ltd.
Foundation1916 by Mr. Unokichi Oyama
Establishment1954 May
Capital10 million yen
PresidentKyoko Oyama
Business and ProductsBamboo knitting needles, Knitting, Handicrafted articles production and sales
CustomerJapan,Overseas ( North America, Europe, Australia, China, Asia)
Address4368 Takayama-cho, Ikoma-city, Nara, Japan Post no: 630-0101