Product Questions

All of our bamboo knitting needles are manufactured in-house. We use only Japanese Moso bamboo, carefully selected from among the many types of bamboo available. Bamboo that grows in Japan is especially hard and resilient, reinforced by fibers called fibrovascular bundles.

Q. What are the strengths of Seeknit Needles?

Kinki Amibari has been manufacturing high-quality bamboo knitting needles for over 100 years and has received high praise from customers around the world. With a wide variety of lengths and thicknesses, we can provide the needles needed for any type of project.

Q. Is there nickel in any of Seeknit knitting needles?

No. Nickel-Fee

Q. The color of the yarn has transferred to my bamboo needles. What should I do?

When knitting with dark-color yarns, the color of the yarn may transfer to the bamboo needles.
The color on the bamboo needles cannot be removed. Please continue to use it as it is. There is no problem in use.

Purchasing Seeknit Products

For individual knitters or crocheters
Q. How can I purchase Seeknit products?

To find the nearest distributor in your area at Business partners and contact them to get a list of their retailers. If you cannot find a retailer near your area, you can purchase on our online shop on Etsy, https://www.etsy.com/shop/SeeknitKA

Become a retail partner
Q. How can I purchase wholesale Seeknit products?

To become a retail partner of Seeknit, please contact us.

Seeknit Interchangeable Circular Needles

Q. What are M1.8, M2, and M4?

Depending on the thickness of the needle tip, there are three sizes of metal fittings used for interchangeable needles and cords. The same size fittings can be used to connect needles and cords. They are joined by turning a screw.

Q. Could you let us know how to use converters?

A converter allows you to connect needles and cords with different fitting sizes.
However, it can only be used to connect large-sized needle metal fittings and small-sized cord metal fittings.

Q. How do I use the stoppers included interchangeable circular needle sets?

By attaching the stopper to the end of the cord, you can use it as a flex single-pointed needle. Or you can keep the stitches from sliding off while working on your project.

Product Insurance

Q. What should I do if the product is damaged or defective?

Please check our customer service policy section.

Q. Where can I exchange the products?

Please check our customer service policy section.

Q. How long is the warranty period?

Please check our customer service policy section.