Seeknit Bamboo Knitting Needles

Our Classic Bamboo Needles are made in Japan from specially selected high-quality Japanese bamboo and offer superior flexibility and durability.

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Seeknit Customized Sets

We are pleased to announce the opening of our website that allows customers to select and purchase your own customized set for interchangeable circular knitting needle.



New packaging are environmentally friendly packaging with
Plastic-free, FSC certified and recyclable paper.

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New Product

We at Seeknit will continue to pursue products that are easy for our
customers to use. Environmental friendliness is also an important
feature of our products.

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Interchangeable Circular Needle Sets

We offer a wide range of Interchangeable Circular Needle Sets for various situations, including wide ranging selections of types, sizes, lengths, and connectivity, cable lengths, as well as a variety of fabric cases and colors.
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Interchangeable Parts

A variety of Interchangeable Needles Pair Tips, Cords, Cord Joints,
Converters, Stoppers and Fabric Cases are available.

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Memoric Markers, Scissors, Stitch Holders, Yarn Darning Needles, Point Protectors, Yarn Leaders, Tape Measures, Ruler, Marking Pins etc.

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-Informations –

About Seeknit

This brand name is for specific bamboo knitting needle products made by Kinki Amibari.

Koshitsu and Shirotake

The Seeknit brand offers two types of knitting needles, the Koshitsu line has a Brown tint, and the Shirotake line that is the Natural color of bamboo.

Product Features

Seeknit knitting needles does not only pursue high quality and function,but also continue to challenge the development of environment friendly products.

– Seeknit Products –

Interchangeable Circular Needle Sets

Our numbers of Bamboo Interchangeable Circular Needle Sets are available with a wide
selection of needle lengths, sizes, and cable lengths.

Interchangeable Parts

Fabric Cases, Needle Pair Tips, Cords, Cord Joins, Converters, Stoppers & Cord Cases.

Circular Needles

A wide selection of Circular Needles, Interchangeable Circular Needle are available


Cable Stitch Holders, Stitch Holders, Marking Pins, Memoric Stitch Markers, Protectors, Yarn Threaders, Tape Measures, Knitting Counters, Scissors, Rulers, Crochet Hooks, etc

Single Pointed Needles and Set

Needles come in lengths of 23cm, 30cm, 35cm, and Flex type of 50cm, with diameters ranging from 2.00mm to 20.00mm.

Double Pointed Needles & Sets

A wide selection of Double Pointed Needles & Sets with various sizes are available.

Crochet Hooks & Sets

A wide selection of Crochet Hooks & Sets, Interchangeable Crochet Hooks & Sets are available.