KA Square weaving loom


Contents in a package

  • 1 x KA Square weaving loom
  • 1 x Doll needle
  • 1 x Instruction manual

How to make a “Coaster”

finished size 10cm x 10cm (warp x weft 35 x 35)

1. Face up the plate
To begin warping your loom, lay the plate facing up, thread a yarn into the first notch on the bottom of the left side of the corner.
(Put the plate facing up with 4 hooks, on the upper right side and 3 hooks on downer left side.)
2. Attach the yarn end
With the plate facing down, tape a few centimeters of the yarn end to the back of the loom.
3. First warp
With the plate facing up, carry the yarn up to the furthest left top hook on the loom.
Slip the next notch, carry the yarn down to the bottom, slip the next notch, carry the yarn up to the top.
Continue in this manner for the first warp.
4. First weft
Continue and begin the first weft in the same manner.
5. Second warp
Carry the second warp down from the right notch next to the first warp.
Slip the next notch, carry the yarn in the same manner with the first warp.
6. Preparation for second weft
With the warping complete, cut the yarn to approximately 2 metres and 30cm long.
Thread the yarn through the needle.
7. Weaving second weft
Use the darning needle to guide the 2nd weft. Pass under the first warp yarn and on top of the 2nd warp, alternating in this way across the loom.
Continue in this manner until you have filled the plate with your woven fabric.
8. Finising
To finish the weaving, tuck the end of yarn down into the fabric.
Remove the tape from the back of the loom and tuck the beginning end in the same way.
Release the woven fabric from the plate.