【New Products】Koshitsu SeeknitDualis Short M Set

New Products

【ID: 59368】

From July 2021

5cm (2″)  5 Sizes,  10cm (4″) 5 Sizes

Seeknit Dualis Case is perfect for interchangeable needle tips and accessories to storage.
It is three folded padded case and has upper and lower pockets inside. By shifting the position of the upper pocket
and the lower pocket, needles can be stored compactly.
Upper pockets for short needle tips and lower pockets for long needles.
It’s handy, light and soft touch. Perfect for carrying around!


Interchangeable Circular Needles Tips: 5cm (2″): 3.50mm(US4), 3.75mm(US5), 4.00mm(US6), 4.50mmm(US7), 5.00mm(US8) and 10cm (4″): 3.50mm(US4), 3.75mm(US5), 4.00mm(US6), 4.50mm(US7), 5.00mm(US8). Cords: 13cm(5″), 20cm(82), 40cm(16″), 60cm(24″). Stoppers: 2 pieces, Cord Joint: 1 piece.




This Dualis Case has designed to hold a large number of interchangeable circular needles in both long and short sizes, and can be folded into three pieces for easy to transport. It has a very practical design that allows you to carry your needles in a smart and functional way despite its large capacity.


It has big pocket for cords and accessories which is very comfortable for storing.


Seeknit presents a new Three folded type fabric case. We have developed this product based on our extensive experiences and customer requests.