【New Products】Environmentally Friendly IC Sets Packaging

New Products

Seeknit interchangeable Circular Needles Sets packaging has renewed.
The packaging material has been changed from conventional OPP plastic material to FSC certificated paper material.

  • ” Environmentally Friendly “ packaging with Plastic-free, FSC certified, Recyclable paper.
  • Different colors of paper for Koshitsu and Shirotake allows us easily to know inside.
  • Can see the pattern and texture of fabric case the circular hole.
  • Mid of September 2022 is available.
  • The other IC Sets paper packaging are continued, like Premium Set2, Comfort Set2 and S Sets and M sets etc.
New Paper Packaging images for Shirotake and Koshitsu.
Eco-Friendly Packaging design with FSC certified recyclable paper material.
We can see and touch fabric cases Pattern and Texture at circular hole.
Detail Needles Configuration chart has printed clearly.
Paper Packaging for Shirotake, Koshitsu and Fabric case images.
Front and Back sides packaging design with FSC certified mark.
Their are all FSC certified paper packaging.