【New Products】 Premium Set 2 Comfort Set 2

New Products

【 Premium Set 2】

The model names are Premium Set 2, Comfort Set 2 and Seeknit Case 2, they are the most complete sets of interchangeable circular needles and accessories among Seeknit’s interchangeable circular needle sets.

The previous models were well received by our customers, and we have started selling it as a successor models with even more features.

Koshitsu Premium Set 2

【 Comfort Set 2】

Shirotake Comfort Set 2

It is designed to switch between various types of yarn sizes, project sizes, and fineness for various situations. The Seetknit Case 2 made of 100% unbleached cotton canvas and PVC pockets for needles, which is clean and functional, and can be folded into four pieces for easy storage of various knitting needles, cords, stoppers and joints.

Seeknit Case 2 Folded image

It can also be stored in a project bag, bookshelf or drawer to save space.
We will continue to use only high-quality Japanese bamboo materials in the development of our interchangeable circular needle sets to provide our customers with a sense of satisfaction and fulfillment.

Premium Set 2 and Comfort Set 2 Image