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【2022 Seeknit Products Catalog】

Kinki Amibari is pleased to announce the complete revision of its product catalog for the 2022 edition.
Our main goal this time was to honestly express the characteristics of our high-quality bamboo knitting needles, which are produced by highly experienced craftsmen who take full advantage of Japanese bamboo materials.
Those who have used Seeknit knitting needles already have a good idea of the quality and ease of knitting with our needles, but for those who are considering Seeknit bamboo knitting needles for the first time, we have done our best to showcase the high quality of Seeknit needles.
With over 1000 varieties of bamboo knitting needles, knitting needle sets and accessories, Seeknit is committed to developing and producing knitting needle products that take full advantage of the properties of bamboo.

You can see all of Seeknit products on this catalog. Asymmetric Circular, Circular, Interchangeable Circular, Interchangeable Cords/Joints/Converters, Fabric Cases, Single Pointed, Double Pointed, Crochet Hooks, Afghan Crochet Hooks, and accessories.
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【Interchangeable Circular Needles Sets Catalog】

Seeknit is a supplier of bamboo knitting needles and Interchangeable Circular Needle Sets, offering the world’s widest variety of combinations.
We offer a wide variety of models to suit a wide range of knitting projects with a focus on the unique characteristics of Shirotake and Koshitsu.
Choose from a variety of combinations ranging from 5cm(2″) short needles to 10cm(4″), 12.5cm(5″) and 14cm(5.5″) lengths. These sophisticated Interchangeable Circular Needles are supplied in a functional fabric case. They are supplied with all the necessary cords and accessories.
Seeknit is proud to offer the connectivity of knitting needles and accessories.
Each part is offered in high quality.

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【Double Pointed / Single Pointed / Crochet Hooks Set Catalogs】

Seeknit also offers Double Pointed Needles, Single Pointed Needles and Crochet Hooks in various combinations as a set.
Seeknit offers high quality knitting needles, carefully produced by our skilled craftsmen with Japanese design Fabric Cases.
Our fabric cases are designed based on years of experience and are easy to use and are designed to allow you to enjoy Japanese designs and colors.
Our various sets are carefully produced and shipped worldwide with the hope that our high quality Japanese bamboo knitting needles will help you complete your knitting project.

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