Single Pointed Needles 23cm(9.5″) 8 sizes ID: 59554

Single Pointed Needles & Sets

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8 Double Pointed Needles

Product Size US Size Product ID
3.00mm US2.5 04425
3.50mm US4 04427
4.00mm US6 56753
4.50mm US7 04431
5.00mm US8 044321
5.50mm US9 04433
6.00mm US10 04434
8.00mm US11 04438

Fabric Case Type A & Set ID

Fabric Case Set ID Number
Dragonfly Red 59554- 22
Cherry Blossom Pink 59554- 23
Cherry Blossom Blue 59554- 26

Seeknit Fabric Case Type E is designed for double pointed needles, single pointed needles, and crochet hooks sets.

It matches various needle lengths, sizes, and combinations for compact storage. It is designed with a traditional Japanese design