L Set Nordic 14cm(5.5″), 5 sizes ID: 58870

Interchangeable Circular Needle Sets未分類
koshitsu and Shirotake : Features of each and how to choose

5 Interchangeable Circular Needles Pair Tips

Product Size US Size Product ID Screw size
5.50mm US9 58807 M4
6.00mm US10 58808 M4
7.00mm US10.75 58810 M4
8.00mm US11 58811 M4
10.00mm US15 58813 M4

3 Cords

Length Product ID Screw size
32cm/13″ 06567 M4
52cm/21″ 06568 M4
71cm/28″ 05860 M4

1 Pair-Stopper

Screw size Product ID
M4 05863

1 Cord Joint

Screw size Product ID
M4 58591

Case Type CP & Set ID

Case Type Set ID Number
Craft Paper 58870