【New Products】10cm / 4 inch S Set 5 Sizes Seeknit Case Mini ID: 59736

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Start Selling on Dec 9, 2022

This 10cm interchangeable circular needle set is small in size, but it consists of 5 needle sizes (2.25mm, US1 -3.25mm, US3) to meet specific needs, as well as cords, stoppers, and cord joints according to the needle lengths. Seeknit Case Mini has built to last, super classy and minimalist.

It is unbleached canvas interchangeable needle case with the same cloth as Seeknit Case 2.

The size has changed and become the ultimate compact size.

It is simple and minimalist design but enough storage.

Designed with 14 pockets for needle and 4 wide pockets for cords and accessories.

The pockets can fit 4″/10 cm and 2″/5 cm needles and can even accommodate 5″/12.5 cm needles also.

It is also ideal for carrying needles of different lengths, from 5 cm (2″) to 12.5 cm (5″), since it can be stored neatly and easily.

10cm / 4 inch S Set, 5 Sizes, 2.25mm / US1 – 3.25mm / US3
We strongly desire to steadily realize our customers’ requests. The development of the Seeknit Case Mini Set is one such example.
Although small in size, the Fabric Case is designed with a layout and high storage capacity for knitting needles and accessories that can meet the needs of many customers. We hope you will give it a try. APPROXIMATE MEASUREMENTS: Folded – 14 cm x 13.5 cm (5.5″ x 5.3″)  Flat – 28 cm x 27 cm ( 11″ x 10.6″ )