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Start Selling on Dec 9, 2022

Seeknit Case Mini is a new design needle case from the same series as the very popular Seeknit Case 2. It is smaller than the Seeknit Case 2 and can hold 5cm (2″) needles, which could not be fitted in the Seeknit Case 2 until now, despite its compact size.  Seeknit Case Mini has built to last, super classy and minimalist.

It is also ideal for carrying needles of different lengths, from 5 cm (2″) to 12.5 cm (5″), since it can be stored neatly and easily.

Folded – 14 cm x 13.5 cm (5.5″ x 5.3″)
Flat – 28 cm x 27 cm ( 11″ x 10.6″ )

Open-Flat Style. Although small in size, the fabric case is designed with a layout and high storage capacity for knitting needles and accessories that can meet the needs of many customers. We hope you will give it try to use.

Closed-Folded Style, supper classy and minimalist.

Kinki Amibari proudly presents the Seeknit Premium set of Seeknit Case Mini design.

You can compare with Seeknit Case Mini and Seeknit Case 2 which is much smaller size.